Job Placement Committee


To provide a web site where IREM members and their associates can post jobs, post resumes, look for new opportunities and review a listing of web sites helpful to job searching.

IREM Members and Associates Looking for a New Position

To access job opportunities, the Job Placement Committee link will be accessed where positions will be listed by portfolio type. If interested in positions, the member/associate will directly contact the employer. Because IREM often receives notice of positions before they are advertised in other media, web site job seekers will have an advantage. For confidential postings, please contact the Job Placement Chair. You also have the opportunity to post your resume on the web site. Your resume will stay on the web site for three Months, and then it will be deleted unless you renew the listing for an additional three Months.

Employers Looking to Fill a Position

Employers who desire to post a position will email the job opening to the Job Placement Chair. Postings should include:

  • Job description
  • Salary range
  • Portfolio information
  • Candidate office location
  • Contact person

An advantage to employers is that hard to find candidates that may not respond to blind ads and are discreetly pursuing other opportunities that are more likely to express interest. Chapter 77 encourages members to post positions on the web site. There is no charge for this service.