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Volunteer Information

In order for Chapter 77 to be successful it takes the effort of many members. There are a number of committees that need different types of expertise from many of you. If you are interested in supporting the chapter and becoming more involved look at the list below.  

  Community Action - Coordinates charitable activities and service events for the Chapter
  Diversity - Responsible for executing the organization’s diversity initiative
  Education - Plans and executes IREM courses and seminars through Region 3 Ed Committee
  Forecast Event - Plans and executes Annual Industry Economic Forecast & Tradeshow as part of regional committee
  Industry Partners & Web Ads - Recruits and supports meeting sponsors and advertisers
  Gala - Plans and executes annual IREM Gala in May as part of regional committee
  IREM Foundation Liaison - Works to recruit and support IREM Foundation scholarship recipients
  Legislative - Monitors legislative and government related issues of interest to the Chapter
  Marketing/Social Media - Coordinates all marketing/public relations and social media activity promoting Chapter 77 events and initiatives
  Mega Meeting - Plans and executes the annual event in October featuring a national keynote speaker as part of a regional committee
  Member Services - Supports all member growth and retention activities through one of the subcommittees, including hospitality and greeting, job placement, member growth and satisfaction, and the annual Candidate event
  Programs - Plans and executes the chapter’s monthly general membership meetings, including selection of topics and speakers and venues
  Newsletter - Coordinates collection of articles and edits the quarterly e-newsletter
  Income/Expense - Oversees the annual campaign to solicit submissions for IREM’s Income/Expense program
  IREM Young Professionals - Plans and executes events designed to encourage new property managers, Candidates, and ARM members to become involved with the Chapter
  Welcome & sign in meeting attendees.